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Translation Pad is a simple machine language translation software
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12 August 2008

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Making the work of translation of one text to another has now become an easy affair. All you need to do is to get the Translation Pad 1.92 while allows language translation purpose with little headaches. Just enter the text and with one click and you would have the translated text presented in front of you. Operating the software is easy, so you do not need to get a professional to get the translation done. Translation Pad 1.92 would provide you with best possible results in an appreciably shorter period of time.

For starting the translation you need to write or copy the text or even open the text file that is shown in the upper part of the middle screen. When your done with the selecting the or writing the text then you just need to on ‘Translate’ option on the toolbar. The translated text is shown in the lower partition of the screen. You can do the language translation supporting pairs; English to German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian; German to English, Spanish to English, French to English, Portuguese to English, German to French, French to German and Italian to English. You can easily save the translated files easily with the given ‘Save’ option. You can set the program to stay on top and use it whenever required. It does not consist of any confusing features and even language selection is also easier. It cam be useful for people who deal in language specific writing or require to translate them to other languages and teachers, etc.

Translation Pad 1.92 has been allocated 3 rating points for it capacity to convert with a fair degree of accuracy. However it is still advisable to do a human check on the final translation as the software at time changes the contextual meaning of words during translation.

Publisher's description

Translation Pad is a simple internet machine language translation software. Translation Pad supports the following language pairs: english to german, english to spanish, english to french, english to portuguese, english to italian, german to english, french to english, spanish to english, portuguese to english, italian to english, german to french and french to german. You may open a file or cut and paste text into the top box, click Translate button and the translated text will be displayed in a separate window. You may then save the traslated output text as a text file.
Translation Pad
Translation Pad
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